What is Oakland Restaurant Week?

One of the best things about Oakland is the plethora of restaurants within a five minute walk.  Restaurants in the heart of Oakland have teamed up to offer you lunch for just $5 at each location!

Take advantage of all these great restaurants on a budget by having lunch in Oakland January 13th — 17th, 2014 for just $5 a lunch!

When you order a $5 lunch from any participating Oakland Restaurant Week Restaurant, you will receive an entry card for the chance to win FREE LUNCH FOR A MONTH in Oakland along with other great prizes!


5 thoughts on “What is Oakland Restaurant Week?

  1. I think if your going to do this you should make sure the restaurants you are promoting are accessible and compliant with the ADA so everyone can take advantage of your offer.

  2. Do you have a menu of the lunches that are being offered at the listed locations? Very helpful for planning when you have a limited lunch time. Thanks!

    • Hi Kristi! Just click that little tab above that says “Participating Restaurants” and you will find a list of who is participating and what they are serving for $5. Not all restaurants in Oakland are participating – but a lot of our favorites are!

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